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Introducing StayAngel

Hotels are facing a battle for relevance - brand saturation, ubiquitous and benign loyalty and the commoditisation of hotel rooms by online travel agents are conspiring to create an environment of unprecedented competition.

Fueling this competition is simply the size of this market opportunity. The online hotel reservations economy is worth $275B in 2015 and growing in excess of 22% p.a. Google selling hotel rooms online, Amazon about to commence and the entry of Airbnb are proof points to the changing operating landscape and hotels are fledgling in their efforts to compete.

StayAngel is the solution that has eluded the hotel industry until now. It may appear innocent, but packs a punch and is set to galvanise the hotel industry in re calibrating online room sales.

StayAngel serves equally global hotel chains, regional and domestic chains as well as independent hotels. Any hotel that is today distributed by an OTA and opts into the StayAngel movement will see commission costs reduced, an increase in customer loyalty, access to market to their customers, build a brand online and regain control of their inventory and pricing.

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