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Hotelier Solutions

The online hotel economy is extraordinarily large and in 2015 forecast to be in the vicinity of US$550B and yet is comprised of very few major players. In fact, US$275B of these online room sales were made via online travel agents of which there is principally a duopoly - Expedia and Priceline.

As a hotel operator you will be acutely aware of the strength of these OTA's and the influence they wield. This is likely most evident through the commissions that you pay to OTA's and you are not alone in feeling that these commissions are always rising and having a significant impact on your profitability.

Now we're not suggesting that OTA's are bad, in fact they continue to provide an effective (albeit expensive) means to distribute hotel inventory. We advocate for balance and are working on behalf of the hotel industry everywhere to dramatically increase the percentage of bookings made through your own online channels. In achieving this we are helping you to reduce commission costs, build direct and stronger relationships with your customers and ultimately providing more control over your own online sales.

We have developed StayAngel, a powerful tool that converts bookings that would otherwise come from an OTA and rechannels these reservations as direct bookings - straight into your own online reservations system. This not only significantly reduces your commissions but also provides you the opportunity to better engage with your customer. Better still, StayAngel requires no capital investment and we are renumerated only for the bookings that we provide you directly and a rate lower than what you are paying today and at a cost that is lower than what you pay OTA's today. So in short, StayAngel is reducing your commission costs and providing a very effective means of regaining control of your online room sales.

StayAngel serves global hotel networks, regional or domestic chains and independent hotels equally well. StayAngel works just as effectively for independent hotels as it does for global hotel chains.

We are starting a movement, one that will ultimately result in the hotel industry regaining control of its online room sales. This movement starts one hotel at a time. To join this movement or to find out how the magic of StayAngel works in greater detail, contact us.