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Stayscore System

StayScore serves both hotels and guests by delivering the power of big data analytics to the people at your hotel that are empowered to make real-time decisions that can directly affect future profitability, loyalty, retention and share of wallet over guests at your property.

StayScore brings a sophisticated set of big data anlytics directly to your hotel on guests who are checking into your hotel over the coming days. Using full market data, industry leading algorythms and scalable metrics - the StayScore platform delivers what no other can - true insight and actionable items on guests who can bring new business, increase value and positively impact your business.

With Stayscore direct integration, your hotel will receive real-time alerts on VIP guests checking into your hotel, their travel arrangement updates and actionable items for key staff members within your hotel.

Stayscore is the link between big data and extracting more revenue from your guests. Contact us for a demo.

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